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Today marks our 13th anniversary. Looking back at our wedding day in 2003 with our family and friends and at the years that have past by we feel love. What does love mean to us?

Like it can be expected our love has developed from passion and common interests into something much bigger and deeper than our words can describe. We have never been poets anyway!

We made our ‘family’ statement 10 years ago, even before we had children. We wrote down our values and beliefs and how we like to live our lives. We still stick to it although the location and our lifestyle has fundamentally changed over time. We clearly stated that we are individuals with our own thoughts and aspirations but focusing also on the common ground and the ‘1 plus 1 = 3’ principle (it actually became 4 🙂 ).


Recently we read the book ‘the fifth agreement’ again. One of the key points in the book is that you can never fully grasp someone else’s perspective on him/herself and on you. Someone else always sees you differently from how you see yourself and the other way around. These differences in perspective and how we all see our own ‘truth’ heavily influence relationships and human interaction.

How do we see love in this context?

We believe that love allows for paying respect to the differences between us, valuing our unique characters and skills. We actually stimulate our personal growth by pro-actively asking the other how he/she feels or sees a situation, in that way allowing ourselves to shift perspective.

This is most interesting when you feel challenged by a fact in life that is presented to you both and you see the other responds and acts on it in a completely different way than you.

Having similar aspirations in life is a big thing for us. The family statement from 10 years back underlines that. We have made far reaching decisions in the past 6 years, an one year sabbatical ‘whatever it takes’, having Bali as home base to travel the world, build a villa, to quit our secure jobs and explore new ways and to expose the children to a different reality.


Continuous reflection, individually and together, and conversation with each other, is a huge key we believe and made it possible for us to every time again step outside of our comfort zone!

Recently we reinforced our Dutch Nomad Family vision, “flexible and fulfilling family live working from anywhere”. And again we are challenging ourselves by taking our ideas a step further and now even being in business together.

It is fantastic to feel and be aligned in this continuous journey of personal growth and ‘working from anywhere’ philosophy. We have the feeling that although we are married for 13 years our relationship will deepen and we will further grow as a family.

As long as the respect for our individuality is honored between us, we expect our life journey together to be harmonious and deeply fulfilling. And of course with some potholes in the road

We feel that the amount of love that a person can share is infinite. So this year we decided to share the love for our passion for a flexible and fulfilling life working from anywhere with you.


We are able to earn our income via multiple streams of income from our kitchen table, in a plane, on the school yard or in a nice coffee place because we have found a mentors, community and a program that supports us to build a integrity based business. The Freedom Preneur Academy and Movement have become our partners in sharing our vision, mission and passion with others.

On New Years Day we will give away 3 Freedom Preneur Kickstarter Programs including a one month access to the Freedom Preneur Academy.

The only thing you have to do is download our ebook here.

Have a LOVE-ly flexible and fulfilling day!

Tom and Inge aka Dutch Nomad Family

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