Awareness and Opportunities: New York City here I come!

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One of the biggest benefits of being aware is that you can recognise an opportunity when it comes along. Being truly connected to yourself gives you the knowledge from inside to see it and grab it at the right time.


While traveling in Europe this June and July, combining work, education and holidays a huge opportunity came up. I was approached by my mentor @Rhonda Swan to have my own show on television in New York, recordings taking place 10 days after I would get back to Bali.

Rationally I wasn’t allowing myself to be ready, but my gut was telling me YES, YES, YES. Come on, being invited to New York and having your own show………. Haven’t we all fantasised about that when we where a girl.


So after talking to my mentor by phone and the immense support of Tom, aka the Dutch Nomad Dad, there was just no other opportunity than to stop resisting and go with the flow of this amazing opportunity. With this, my headaches disappeared as well. The only thing I had to do was trust my gut feeling.


When are we ever ready?


I guess always!


It’s accepting who we are and where we are at. Trusting yourself that the path you are on is the right one and that you are worth it to share your message with the world. It’s about having faith in the people who support you and just keep putting in all your passion and efforts in what you believe in.


So for the first time since Isis was born almost 9 years back the Dutch Nomad Mom is taking off on her own……….!


And to New York City of all places, to film her own show.


As a Health and Life in Balance Specialist, owner of Villa Bloom Bali and the Dutch Nomad Mom I will be sharing my story with you!


Inge Hart




The new show is due to come out in fall and is called Brand It. It’s a show that is modeled after ‘Making It’. I will be joining 11 amazing women on the 13th of August in New York and we will be working together with the producer Bonnie Bruderer and co-producer Rhonda Swan to unleash our powerful brands to the world.


I can’t wait to meet the powerful sisters who will joining the show! Have a look at some fabulous ladies:


Dr. Lesya Anna


Di Downie


Jodi Harman


Erica Kristene 


Liliana Aguirre


Darviny D 


Christine Robinson 


Patty Alfonso 


Kalpna Suthar


The filming of Brand it will take place during the working event Media and the City that’s been put together for us women Freedom-Preneurs. The Bon Bon Magazine has featured this event already and will feature each of us separately over the next months.

Be sure to check it out through the link below:


The Bon Bon Magazine


Will you follow me and my fellow female entrepreneurs in our journey to share our message with all you women out there?


Inge Hart


I hope you do! Because we will be all about opportunities, female power, balancing life, aligning who you are with your work and many more positive and powerful topics.


We are 12 women invited independently of each other to come and be a part of this show. We didn’t know each other. However you can’t image the synergy that is growing day by day as we ladies encourage each other in their businesses.


So join us and be part of creating a ripple effect of positive energy, possibilities and female connectivity.

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