Big Plans and Mastermind for Dutch Nomad Mom Inge

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It is very powerful to be together with a group of like-minded people for a number of days for a so-called ‘Mastermind’.

Inge, the Dutch Nomad Mom, is at this moment participating in an exclusive Mastermind event in Bali. This time the focus is not on the Dutch Nomad Family brand, but on Inge’s coaching concept and business, the ‘Balanced Foodology Formula’.

Inge is advocating food as the gateway to an energetic and fulfilling life. As a family we have experienced the huge power of this concept over the last years and now Inge ‘s passion and mission is to help other women and their families to eat the right foods for their bodies and make a big step towards better health, vitality and resetting priorities in life.

In this 6 day Mastermind on Bali Inge is digging deeper into her brand messaging, the different modules of the online program that she is building, getting high quality pictures for her website and program. The Mastermind also brings a professionally produced branding video and they are working on her website, her eBook and opt-in funnel. It is exactly the right moment for Inge to get this all in place.

The Mastermind is powerful on all levels. With all these deliverables this is going to accelerate the launch of Inge’s coaching business. And she can’t wait to see that happen, because this is her passion! The teachings on brand building, overcoming fear and business strategy are powerful and transformative. The group consists of like-mined ladies and friendships are made and even partnerships emerge between the participants.

The Dutch Nomad Family owns Villa Bloom Bali and it’s Penny, the Balinese cook of Villa Bloom Bali, who is the master chef at this Mastermind. Inge has trained her over the last

 5 years in healthy cooking styles and taking into account allergies and sensitivities. Penny’s had already 18 years of experience in the kitchen but her skills have now been expanded in this area. She has been invited to cater this Mastermind and it all works out perfectly for the participants. Food is the gateway to an energetic and fulfilling life…

After the Mastermind there is still of lot of work to be done for the implementation and launch of Inge’s online coaching program but with the help and support from the Unstoppable team it will be the fastest route to launch.

It’s holiday for Isis and Thijs now so Tom is taking care of things at home (and we had a blast last week in Lombok with all of us together) and over the next weeks to launch Tom will support as much as possible.

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