How to create your like-minded global community

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As a family that has been living abroad for more than 6 years we understand that parents are hesitant to move across the country to a new city or a different country or travel. You give up the security of your direct community, you think your children might be effected by that. However, children are truly flexible and we have found that it is now easier than ever to connect to like minded people and build a community and a business around that.

Define and live your purpose

By the time we hit our late 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s, we sometimes wonder how we ended up where we are. We sometimes lost track and it is time to reconnect to our purpose. To have a fulfilling life it is important to:

  • Have a purpose
  • To know what it is you are meant to do
  • Having work and contributing to other people’s life and the planet in a way that gives you satisfaction every day.

Once you know your why, everything and everyone in your life should be contributing to your purpose. This is the only way to succeed, to feel joy and happiness every day even when things might be a bit though. Your purpose is your compass! Your purpose will keep you focussed and give you guidance.

Create an automated online business

Once you know your purpose, you can design a lifestyle that fits living that purpose. Nowadays we have the opportunity to work from home and even run our own business from home. The impact for parents who want to be more available for their children, people who want to take care of their parents, free spirits who want to find that place on earth that resonates best with them have been given a golden tool. But only when set up in the right way.

If you want to make a quick buck or think it is all so easy, you are in for a life lesson……..

But if you are truly determined to build up a sustainable ethical and purposeful business that gives you the opportunity to live the life you desire combined with adding value to other people’s life or the planet, the opportunities the internet are offering are limitless.

If you set up your business from the beginning to run on automation, you are in it for the long run.

  • You create value and deliver it by syndicating your content so it reaches all your followers.
  • Create products on the bases of their needs.
  • Automated processes will give you the possibility to focus on the content and engaging with the people who can benefit from the gift you have inside and want to share with the world.

If you start of manual and think you can all set it up later, when things get rolling, you are heading for disaster. Sales processes, email sequences, marketing campaign, they should all be linked and set up from the beginning, so you have time to learn and adjust them to the need of the market.

Give Value

When you know your purpose and set up your business in an automated way, you are free to keep giving value. Inge has been taking her coaching business online during the past few months. In this time she started engaging on a Facebook Business Page, but also created a specific Group [] to engage even on a deeper level. Every week she provides value by going Live and talking to busy women and working moms on how to get healthy and feel energetic by finding out what foods are right for them individually in a simple, positive and doable way.

Once people are connected in this way we want them to get even more closer to Inge, to see if they align with her energy and like what she has to offer. We wanted to give you an idea on how you do this. So please go ahead and have a look at the Body Type Quiz we created.

This is how you end up with a like-minded global community. You find the people who are interested in your message and align with your energy. They have common values and this is how your purpose leads to positive change.

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