First plane trip without parents for Dutch Nomad Kid Isis

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“Can I travel without you…. by plane to another island?”

Imagine this coming out of your 9 year old precious daughter.

Asking you: Can I go without Mom or Dad from Bali to Java by plane and stay overnight?

You can probably relate to the following response of Dutch Nomad Mom and Dad:

What? Excuse me?

Ok, you have been travelling the world since  you’re  4 months old, but that’s with us. …..You are 9 years old… !!! Without us?

10 seconds later we say:

Yes, you are the Dutch Nomad Kid, if you are ready for this, you may Isis!

So off Isis went with her class by plane from Bali to Jogjakarta for on overnight stay to visit the temple of Prambanan and the Borobudur.


We hand over the keyboard to Isis from here.

This term in school I learned about Egypt and hieroglyphs. I love the topic of Egypt because I’m named after an Egyptian Goddess.

Hieroglyphs are signs that the Egyptians use to communicate. The Prambanan and Borobudur pictures to tell us stories. Each pictures tells a part of the story.

I remember a picture of a god meditating. I saw it at as one of the first during our visit. I was wondering what story this picture would belong to. My class mate Tara new a few lines from the story. It was fun to hear it. All the stories are about gods, like Buddha.

The temple was very big. We took a picture with monks. We saw one of them again in the airport when we flew back! I like the colours of their clothes; I had never seen that before.


We went by bus to the Borobudur. In the bus was a microphone. So Tiani and I sang and told stories.

The Borobudur is only one ginormous tower. I had never seen one like this before. All other temples where kind of mini temples. We walked around and a lot of people wanted to take a selfie with us. We did some thing for prayer; we had to do it five times.


Than we went to a hotel. I slept in a room with Tiani and Keira. We stayed up and had a secret club with Tiara, Shanti and Solmai. Before dinner we swam.

The next morning we had breakfast. Than we went swimming with almost the whole class. That was fun, because Pak Josh joined and we did tricks like cartwheels and backflips.


Than we went to our hotel room and in the bus after watching television. The bus drove to the airport.

During the flight I sat next to Finn. Finn and I bought 2 cans of chips together.

We landed on Bali. In the bus I called Mom. She was already at the airport. I was hungry, she had sushi for me. I ate it directly. Than we drove home on the scooter.

I told Dad and Thijs about my experience. I gave souvenirs I bought for them. They where very happy.

The next day I stayed home from school. I did arts and crafts the whole day. All the time I was thinking of the trip and that I wanted to be in there again.

I wish that all kids have a great experience like this.

Have a Fulfilling Day!

Isis aka Dutch Nomad Kids






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