Mum and Dad I have a dream…..

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Mum and Dad, I have a dream……I want to write a song and record it.

And Mum and Dad thought…well, that is super, but how to do it?

If you want something, then go for it and take action. “Waar een will is is een weg”, we say in the Netherlands. Isis recorded a song about her Golden Retriever dog named “Sniffy”. The idea to record a song was already there for some time, but how to do such a project?


Isis’ uncle Rolf studied sound engineering and runs a home studio in the Netherlands alongside his main job for the government. So, back in the Netherlands this summer that was the opportunity to make it happen. But where to start making and recording a song? And singing about what?




Soon the idea came up to make a song about Sniffy. Phrases of the lyrics were written down when they came to mind and that is a great start to make a song. But not enough of course. Then uncle Rolf with his passion for music and his drive for perfection came up with the melody. He sent us the melody via Dropbox and we instantly liked it. And we couldn’t get this upbeat and fresh melody out of our heads!


But how to write the lyrics and fit it in to the melody?

Rolf and Isis decided to sit down together to write the lyrics, and what a team effort they made to complete the verses and the refrain and also ‘the bridge’.


The recording day was planned, on a Friday afternoon, and they thought it would take 4 hours to get the recording completed. Of course that wasn’t enough. As there is a lot to discuss when you are with your uncle and aunt and to learn about all the recording gear, cables, microphones and memorizing the lyrics. Isis did not really get tired of all the retakes. See here the recording in action.



And because it is summer they went out to eat ice cream. Isis slept over at uncle Rolf and aunt Sandra’s house and they continued at Saturday morning.


The last step was to put video and photo material under the song. We had quite some footage but back in Bali shot some more to complement the song.

And voila! ….here it is, Isis her own song, “Sniffy, my paradise dog”.


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