The mission of the Dutch Nomad Dad

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Tom, the Dutch Nomad Dad, is on a mission and here is my story.

After graduation from university I had a fantastic year travelling around the world, and after that ‘normal’ life began. The first years of making career were fantastic, but after 10 years I felt stuck in a treadmill. I successfully managed challenging consultancy projects, however I lived from deadline to deadline. Going for short run success and bonus in order to have fantastic holidays, a beautiful house and car, and a ‘secure’ future.

Although I was generally happy and without worries, I felt something was wrong. I had some flexibility but I missed adventure. I thought, is this what adult life is? And worse, deep inside I didn’t belief in the added value of my work. What was my purpose? I felt trapped in a golden cage.

Ever since I met Inge, I planned to travel together with her for a year, in my quest for adventure, cultures, sun, sea, mountains and free time. But with illness and death in the family it got postponed a few times. I didn’t forget it though and took the opportunity 6 years ago, with Thijs being 1 year old and Isis 3 years old we travelled to Bali.

Within 5 months from home we decided to make Bali our new home base to live a flexible and truly fulfilling family life. Also I wanted to have Isis and Thijs experience new perspectives and stimulate them to think authentically and become world citizens. I was dedicated to manifest our new lifestyle whatever hurdles I would face.

To support our new life I did consultancy assignments from Bali. First in The Netherlands, and after that I helped a company set up business in Asia. It felt great to contribute and also to travel through Asia. I had a nice challenge, flexibility and robust income at the same time. I had realised some of my passions, but I became aware that I was still not in my true power yet: I felt I did not add enough value to other people’s life’s.

I came across online marketing and learned about leveraging the digital economy by following your passions. Everything fell into place. I started sharing my family’s story as the Dutch Nomad Family, flexible and fulfilling family life working from anywhere. I also applied the principles I learned to our Villa Bloom Bali to add to people’s holiday experiences.

Now I have a clear sense of purpose. I am on a mission to inspire and help other dads and mums to leverage the potential of the internet by doing what they love to do. To create the life that they want, give their children new perspectives and have a fulfilling family life. To use my knowledge to help businesses grow and create that freedom and flexibility for those business owners.

I like to invite you to see how we help other people finding what they love and shaping an online business around it. You can watch it on this page:

All the best and let’s catch up soon!


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