Promises Made, Challenges Offered!

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WARNING: Be careful with the Promises And Challenges you take on, they may get you in situations and bring you to places you never expected.


You might wonder why Inge aka the Dutch Nomad Mom was one of the fortunate women approached to be featured in the new TV series Brand It, which will be recorder during The media and the City event in New York City.

This didn’t happen overnight, however is the result of a promise I (Inge) made to myself December 2015.


Before that date in April 2015 a new chapter had started for the Dutch Nomad Family. We left Villa Bloom Bali, to live in Canggu. Inge started her dream job at a NGO on Bali, the kids went happily to their new school and a nice house with a yoga shala within walking distance. All this on this Magical Island that Tom loves as home base while traveling throughout the region and where you are invited to live a happy and healthy life. If you can’t achieve the last one being on Bali, where can you?


the good life 2


Well I’ll tell you, living in a tropical location doesn’t instantly makes you float through life effortless, because “Everywhere you go, you will take yourself along”. This means that you will always have to put in an effort to make things work for you. Changing location is an opportunity for you to change and transform, but you still have to do the work.


So in December 2016 my supposedly dream life felt completely different than how you may perceive it!




I had invested years in building a spiritual practice, eating healthy food, getting enough exercise and having a loving and caring family life. After establishing this, creating Villa Bloom Bali and co-organising the Asthanga Yoga Bali Conference, I wanted to get connected to that part of me that wants to add value and contribute to society. And within no time it was offered to me on a silver platter: a job at an NGO in Bali. Full of enthusiasm I started and as many jobs before it turned out to be unsatisfactory again!




I was angry at myself! Why couldn’t I make this work? Why, again, didn’t I feel fulfilled? I took away the anger and looked at the situation from the outside and there it was: the answer!


What had happened when I started an office job again? I wasn’t able to spend time anymore on the elements I had crafted carefully in the past years, that provided me with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a joyful life. I wasn’t able to integrate all these aspects of life while having an office job. Right there I made myself a promise: I decided never to work in an office again. I quit and on the spot picked up all the things that I find important in life.


Literally within 3 weeks after making this Promise a major turnaround occurred. I felt such a big commitment to our lifestyle and we have met so many people who where inspired by us realising our dream, that I started transforming our rental Villa Bloom Bali into a luxurious loving and caring home where healthy food, spirituality and nature go hand in hand with laughter and good energy. By doing this I took the first step in aligning who I am and what our family stands for into a business.


At the same time we started sharing more about our happy and healthy lifestyle as the Dutch Nomad Family. Inspiring people to put dreams into action.


Within 6 months we were able to set up these 2 beautiful brands.



Logos VBB and DNF


They both represent the core of who we are, why we do what we do and enable us to develop products and be of service to like-minded people who want to experience freedom, and a healthy and happy life.


Keep an Eye out for our e-book that will reveal great online marketing tools for like minded people looking for a location independent healthy and happy lifestyle. Our e-book will be coming out very soon.


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