How I set up an online business to live a flexible and balanced life

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Having flexibility and Freedom while earning your income instead of having a boss you need to ask permission for to live your life?

I started working online after realising that working in an office, no matter the hours, salary or location wasn’t in line with my priorities in life. The lack of flexibility and the restrictions of set hours gave me the feeling of being imprisoned in my own life. But I was able to set myself free! I am now a balanced online mom-entrepreneur managing everything on my plate with joy and my family can live a flexible and fulfilling life from anywhere.

This didn’t happen overnight.

Worries, Sickness and Stress

I didn’t feel balanced for most part of my life. At a young age, I created the idea that being a lawyer at a top-notch law firm would provide me with the social environment and belongings that would make my life perfect. So, it was quite devastating when this dream life didn’t make me feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

I thought changing jobs was the solution, but I struggled to manage everything on my plate. Taking care of kids, running a household, having a full-time job, eating healthy, yoga, exercise and having fun times with family and friends was an undoable combination that left me with pure frustration.

I felt tired and foggy in my head all the time. I turned on Autopilot and all the joy was taken out of fun things because they had become must do’s to prevent stress, sickness and weight gain. Waking up every morning with the feeling not having enough energy to make it through the day.

Work dictated my agenda, then taking care for others and at the bottom of the pyramid it was me. When I realised the stomach upsets, headaches and painful shoulders and neck where caused because I had my priorities the wrong way around I started changing my life. From then on, my health and lifestyle became leading.

Desired Health and Lifestyle

I wanted to be an available mom and wife. I wanted to look and feel energetic and be radiantly alive. And on top of that I also wanted to earn an income by contributing to society in a way that aligns with my values. I needed flexibility to be able to combine if I wanted to do this in an enjoyable worry and stress-free manner.working at homeDon’t get me wrong, it took me a few failures, including taking a dream job on Bali before it finally struck that my desired flexible and free life could only be reached by becoming an online entrepreneur.

Without any doubt, I can say this has transformed my life.

1.   What is your Why

I got very clear about why I wanted to be an online entrepreneur, what values I stand for and how I can contribute to another person’s life including respecting my own. Up until today, this turns out to be my armour for when I’m physically, emotionally or financially challenged in life or business.

2.   What is your Passion

From my job hopping I knew that I could always stay motivated for 6 months to a year, because everything was new and that covered up and kept me distracted from my true feelings and needs. So really being passionate about the product or service you are offering will take you a long way.

Helping others to find and live a balanced life in a simple, positive and doable way by using food as a gateway is my passion. But to keep that balance myself as an online entrepreneur it was essential to set up my business in the right way, meaning letting it run on automation.

3.   Stay Balanced by setting up for Automation

Although earning an income is why you set up your business, the actually money should not be your main focus. Your focus has to be on your why, your passion, your unique personal branding and setting up your business with automation. This is the secret formula to setting up a sustainable purposeful online business that can create the environment for your version of a flexible and fulfilling life working from anywhere you want.

Six months ago I had no online presence as an Integrative Nutrition and Life Coach. Today I have a blog, engage with busy women in my Facebook Community “Food is the Gateway”, I run online 8-week group coaching programs, offer Do-It-Yourself-courses and do personal online coaching on request.

4.   Be part of a community

But here is the thing. I did not figure out how to do this all on my own. I choose to be part of a like-minded community of FreedomPreneurs, that offered knowledge, support and practical guidance in a structured hands-on approach. You don’t eat an elephant at once, you take one bite at a time. That’s how you also build your business, one step at the time, following the same path successful online entrepreneurs before you have.I believe the online world is the revolution women have been waiting for. This is the vehicle that offers us the possibility to combine everything we find important in our life:

  • A healthy diet, calm mind and fit body
  • Being an available and joyful family member and friend
  • Running a smooth household and
  • Earning an income in a flexible and fulfilling way.

That is why I like to offer you the opportunity to find out your why and your values. To tap into your passion and see what is needed to turn that into a purposeful business giving you the opportunity to create your desired life.

Here is your 1 Month FREE Access to the FreedomPreneur Academy.

With L💚VE,


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