The Freedom of Flexibility

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As the Dutch Nomad Family we live a Flexible and Fulfilling Family Life Working from Anywhere.

How Flexibility looks like is unique to each individual. It asks you to take time to reflect on your feelings and be honest with yourself on what you really want out of life and then take action.

It is generally known that thinking/imagining is the first step, writing it down the second and saying it out loud the third. All this is important to raise awareness, but nothing is actually changing in your life yet. Well maybe one thing: you get more frustrated with yourself not creating the flexibility in life you now know you desire J.

The magic comes with the fourth step when you start taking action by taking baby steps in manifesting the desired flexibility in your life.

Yep, baby steps, so you enable yourself to actually succeed and ensure your effort to lifestyle change to be long lasting. At some point there will be big steps as well, as happened to us.

After spending 4 years studying yoga, food, creating Villa Bloom Bali and creating the fundaments for our family, the Dutch Nomad Mom wanted to start contributing on a larger scale again.inge-coconut-balanceAfter a detour having my dream job volunteering for a start up NGO and having the same unsatisfied feelings as before I left the Netherlands, I finally had the courage to say out loud and take a stand for myself: I will never work in an office again. I need flexibility to decide when and where I work, so I can fit in yoga, healthy cooking, taking care of the family including health check-ups and emergencies every now and then and being able to travel when and to where I want. And so I did! I quit that job and starting living the live I desired, but without the work……

In the meantime Dutch Nomad Dad’s was doing some reflection on his own and realised he wanted flexibility to decide when and where to work, so he can be fit, go to the beach for a moment almost every day, eat healthy, take care and spend quality time with the family, travel the world so he feels he lives the best version of his life.


So you see Mom and Dad each have their own version of flexibility and yours will probably sound completely different than ours. You might like to have a part time job, so you can take care of your horse, eat healthy food and visit your parents every weekend. It’s up to each of us to find out our authentic version of the flexibility so we feel free to live the life we desire!

Once we got clear on what Freedom means to us we realised that we wanted to create a business around our villa that would represent a way of living that would inspire families to live a healthy and fulfilling family life. However we didn’t know how!


Luckily we met the Founders of the Freedom Preneur Academy. Following Rhonda Renee Swan and Brian Swan’s freedom formula got the fun part started! By following their program in the Freedom Preneur Academy we built our skills, implemented what we learned, we got our systems in place, produced our assets, master minded and received mentorship. And now we can share with you how we were able to create the flexibility to live a fulfilling family life every day working from anywhere.


To learn more about our story in our FREE ebook: Download Ebook DNF

As always, have a flexible and fulfilling day!

Inge, Tom, Isis and Thijs aka the Dutch Nomad Family


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