Penang with kids adventure, Thijs’ first blog post!

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This is the first ever blog post that Thijs made. It’s his own idea and initiative, and we are just writing this introduction to provide some context.

This week the Dutch Nomad Family is visiting Penang, a beautiful island just off the coast of Malaysia. Penang is famous for its cuisine, and for the fact that its capital GeorgeTown is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Penang has beautiful nature and a few nice beaches as well. Most impressing was the ESCAPE Adventure Park that we went to, with ziplining, climbing, serious acrobatics and other cool stuff in the midst of nature and with Thijs and Isis participating constantly and enjoying every minute of it.

The rest of this post is written by Thijs describing that to. Before handing over the ‘pen’ to Thijs, we want to say: “well done Thijs!”

In the adventure park in malasia far away from George town in the nature there are al kinds of atractions some kids only sometimes parents only and some for both some are creepy some are not. My sister found the mazes scary they where called a-maze and foxy tunnel. My sister went with me in foxy tunnel but she got a bit too scared so they had to open the Emergency door because she got scared but it was my fault because I couldn’t find the way but I did it the first time. I did it all by my self with out any help my family could see me in the cameras inside they look like eye bolbs and skeletons but it was funny because the maze looked like melted chocolate. Now were moving on too tubby racer it is tough but it is worth it. It takes a lot of strength too pull the tubby up there are resting points and my sister had to rest at the resting point. we all went down the same slide I wanted to go again their was no qeue for any thing.

Now moving to aerobat it is cool you hold a bar and swing and do BACFLIPS and then BOUNCE and FALL on a net or cusion. Now moving on to wall climbing it is difficult but the front is easy to do because you stand on different things. Now moving on to jumping jack awesome you jump on a trampoline with elastic on your waste and BOUNCE HIGH BUT LOWER THEN THE EALASTIC you will bounce TEN METRERES HIGH. Now moving on to monkey biusnes I tried levels 1 and 2 but level one had 3 routs but I only tried one so I went to level 2 but we had to turn back because it was to hard. Now moving on to zoom bug it was too big for the parents to go in the mashine my sister kept on winning.

Now moving on to flying Lemur now I will hant the computer over to my dad because it is parents only. “Flying lemur was a great ziplining parcours with long lines crossing through the jungle and going through the entire park. The carabiner became very hot from the friction with the steel cables and it was nice to fly so fast that we catched some refreshing wind”.  And here is Thijs again….Now moving on to gold digging we had to dig gold at the end we had to put switches doun and turn wheels 10 times then we got a medal. Now moving on to kite flyer it was a bit scary my parents had to lift us we where hanging from ropes attached to a metal kite and that metal kite was very high and attached to a rope and that rope was attached to a very high pole and my sister had to pull a rope and we rugged forwards.

The ketchup was sour in the food court. Now I will tell you all the atractions I did not do. 8 tatoo parler I also did jungle swinger I am not telling abaut it because it is complicated. We did not go in coco climb gecko tower atans leap tots trail serambi monkey school balance beam awans farm go ape treetop cabanas go bananas and 3 sixty.

And we had an ice cream. Bye bye from the adventure park

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